Berth Arrived ETD Time Vessel N4 Voy Agent From To Origin/Dest Cargo Load List Cut Off
3E 01-Oct-04.55 07-Nov 18.45 Albatros 2709 To be notified Tauranga To be notified New Zealand Dredging -
3W 12-Nov-14.11 14-Nov 22.22 fv Taudre 12112017 Nino's Ltd Sea Sea New Zealand Fishing Vessel -
3W 13-Nov-09.00 18-Nov 18.00 fv Glomfjord 14112017 Pania Reef Fisheries Limited Partnership Sea Sea New Zealand Fishing Vessel -
2 16-Nov-09.00 19-Nov 16.00 Glorious Saiki 17111 Wilhelmsen Ship Services To be notified Tauranga China/Korea Pulp/Timber -
3E 18-Nov-14.30 20-Nov 18.00 Southern Tiare ST151TWN Chatham Islands Shipping Ltd To be notified To be notified To be notified General Cargo -
ANC 19-Nov-16.00 20-Nov 16.00 Alps Wideshine ALW128 Wilhelmsen Ship Services-Oil Tanker Sea Auckland Panama Oil Products -