Breakbulk Cargo


Key Elements

No bulk cargo will be loaded for export without a Customs Export Delivery Order (CEDO) being received. All export entries must be lodged by exporters electronically (for further information see

No CEDO = No Load

Napier Port Procedures & Protocols to handle the new rules are as follows:

Electronic Delivery Orders

In order for Napier Port to receive export delivery order details, bulk exporters must enter the Customs Client Code of the port of loading in the Delivery Authority field of the export entry. This will cause a duplicate delivery order message to be sent to the load port.

Napier Port’s Customs Client Code is:            00302611G 

Export Entries are required to be lodged with Customs a minimum of one hour prior to the cut offs listed below. This will then ensure Napier Port has received the CEDO in the prescribed timeframes.

This information will be available to the stevedores as a registered user via our website.  Stevedores will be required to ensure cargo that is planned to be loaded has a validated CEDO prior to loading.

Cargo that does not have a validated CEDO is not authorised to be loaded.

If an exporter has a validated CEDO and the volume to be exported increases/decreases by more than 5%, provided they are a Secure Export Partner (SEP), then Customs will require an amended Export Entry to be lodged as soon as possible. For non-SEP exporters, there is no tolerance level, the volume that has been declared cannot be exceeded.


Exporters do not need to send Napier Port CEDO’s, as we will be receiving these electronically at the same time the exporter does provided the Customs Client Code of the port of loading has been entered in the Delivery Authority field of the export entry.


No restrictions (at this stage) will be applied to bulk cargo entering Napier Port, however if any arrangements for the Secure Export Partnership Scheme (SEP) alter then this position may change.



All bulk vessels loading at the Napier Port will be required from the 1st March 2004 to lodge a load list with General Cargo as per the timeframes below:

This will be the responsibility of the shipping line or nominated agent.

A load list must contain the following information:

Loadlists should be sent to:

General Cargo            E-mail  :


Additional Charges

Napier Port will charge for extra moves and additional storage incurred as a result of a failure to load bulk cargo due to an exporter not lodging an Export Entry and thus not producing a validated customs export delivery order number.   Any charges will be in line with Napier Port public tariff and will be for the account of the exporter.

For further information please contact:
Andrew Locke
Senior Business Manager
DDI:  +64 (6) 833 4437